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Farming is the intentional creation of resources to be collected repeatedly over time. Many kinds of farming involve planting Seeds to grow grass, trees, or flowers, though some kinds of farming such as Crystal Shard or statue farming do not involve seeds. Seeds include:

General Farming

T farm.png
T farm 2.png

This tactic is mostly for endgame players who just want to get items and gold. This is also a great way to farm the chest Keys for the late game dungeon chests. You will need any type of solid block and any pet or minion that can fight enemies. Accessories and armor that increase minion numbers are also helpful and could help this farm work more efficiently. You will need to surround yourself with the block of your choosing and spawn the minion outside of your shield. You can leave the game running for a while and check back every once in a while to pick up the dropped items and gold.

You can also make an automatic farm without the need for a pet or minion (seen above). For this farm, you will need a Timer, some blocks, doors, wire, and Spiky Ball Traps.

Tree Farming

To farm trees, you will need acorns which can be obtained by simply chopping down a tree. A tree farm is just a flat area with acorns planted. The saplings must be spaced apart with 2 empty spaces on either side. Periodically "mow the lawn" or cut the grass on your tree farm because it stops trees from growing in those places. If you have access to the jungle, then you can skip the acorns entirely, as Jungle trees grow automatically on the Jungle floor.

It is also possible to repeatedly create a world, cut down the many tall trees at the starting area, collect the wood then delete the world.

Corruption Farming

The Corruption with Vileshrooms.

You can create a Vile Mushroom farm using Corrupt Seeds. If it's close enough to your NPCs, the reduction in enemy spawns will keep any mobs from showing up. However, you still need to be careful, as enemies may still be able to spawn if the Corruption spreads too much. Creating corrupted terrain too close to your NPCs will make them leave their Homes.

Glowing Mushroom Farm

Mushroom farming, "supermarket" design

Farming these may be your best choice. To create a farm you must first have Mushroom Seeds (obtained from cutting down mushroom grass). Place rows of mud in any location that is in at least the dirt layer of the Underground and plant your seeds.

Farming Glowing Mushrooms will allow you to create different healing potions such as Healing Potions, and may be worthwhile to set up a farm early-game. These will become more important in Hardmode to craft Shroomite Bars and the items that require said bars.

Mushroom Farms

Mushroom farming

To create a regular Mushroom farm make sure there is no wall behind it so it has natural lighting and make long platforms of grass. Mushrooms will grow on these and you can then harvest them.

Flower Farms

Example of a flower farm (keep in mind that specific blocks below clay pots are not required)

There are various flowers that you can farm that are useful while making Potions. Clay Pots are a good way to plant flowers, but they can also be planted in normal dirt. However, clay pots are also used for decoration purposes and a worthless flower will eventually grow up if nothing is planted in it. These flowers can't be harvested - they're basically equivalent to the basic vegetation found in most biomes. If you are farming flowers in a pot, you can harvest them with a Pickaxe. Plants will only drop seeds if they are 'blooming' (ie. fully grown). A Staff of Regrowth could be used to increase the amount of these plants collected.

Blooming Conditions

Crystal Shard Farming

Crystal Shards are possible to farm if you have unlocked Hard Mode. To make this farm, you will need to have an 

Crystal farming with maximum space

Underground Hallow area, Pearlstone, and some Torches for lighting the area. When you found an area where you can see some Crystal Shards growing, clear out an area and make a good size square out of your Pearlstone. Add some rows that your character can walk on, and you'll have a Crystal Shard Farm. Hallowed monsters will start spawning on the farm due to the Pearlstone, though putting up a background wall in the area will prevent this to a degree.

To max crystal growth chance create 2 rows of pearlstone leaving a gap of one block between, then remove every other block from each row to have an empty space around each block of pearlstone.

Money Farming

Pirate Map Farming

Strategy 1: In order to farm the pirate map, simply make a small lava trap over the ocean, and stand in a puddle of water. It will take some time, but eventually the ocean enemies go up and get killed. This nets pirate maps which summons pirate invasions. Each invasion nets ~80 Gold - ~1.5 Platinum, and drops great hard-mode level gear.

Strategy 2: Make a box in the ocean and empty half of the water in the box, put a platform in/on the box, and put a Water Candle on it. Using a Nettle Burst, Vilethorn, or a Crystal Vile Shard, along with some minions, farming will be efficient, especially with a Battle Potion on a night with a Blood Moon.

Meteor Heads Farming

This only works in a pre-Hard Mode world. It is a fairly safe method to farm coins, as the meteor heads are very weak and can often be one shot with weapons at the end of pre-Hard Mode like Blade of Grass or Night's Edge.

Lucky Coin Farming

With the accessory Lucky Coin (obtained from a pirate invasion) equipped, each attack from you, your minion or your traps will have a chance of making monsters drop coins. This is one of the fastest ways of making money, especially with invasions or moon events. By using a broken Slime Staff this can be a very effective way of farming coins (This method doesn't work on statue-spawned monsters.)

Underground Crimson/Corruption Farming

This farm is a Hardmode only farm. For this farm, you are going to need a Nimbus Rod. This farm is very effective if used correctly. To create this farm you are going to have to go into the Underground Crimson or Corruption. You will need to create a large, open area. Once this is done you will need to have a platform about 20 blocks above the bottom of your open area. From this point, you could put down a few Water Candles down or use some Battle Potions. Then use your Nimbus Rod through the platform. Make sure that your clouds are placed close together and right under you. This farm is a great early hardmode farm if you are able to get the Nimbus Rod. You can also get some rare drops from this farm as well such as the Vitamins, Beam Sword, Etc.

Chest farming

Metal Detector

With a metal detector you can easily find chests found in underground homes or random chest. If you found a underground home you could break other valuables.

Railroad Systems

Usually any natural railroad system has a good chance to drive near or end near a underground house or random chest. It is usually a better chance than trying to find it alone. If you use the metal detector while on a railroad it is nearly guaranteed to find at least one chest. Also, it seems that underground houses spawn more commonly near railroads.


This is basically an attachment to any chest finding way and it usually only works for underground house chest. After the metal detector detects the chest you can use any item or weapon that produces light through blocks (e.g, the Lunar Flare) to locate the chest or underground home. Lighting is pretty ineffective alone but with help it could easily increase the efficiency of any strategy. Another option that's easier is to just use a spelunker potion (obviously).

Key Mold Farming

A great way to farm all biome keys molds (as 1.3 key molds are turned into keys) is to make a lava trap above you and then place spear and spiky ball traps under you, in the biome of the key mold you want. You can also make biomes (a 15*12 rectangle of blocks corresponding to the wanted biome) in the Ocean and then put water candles around you, then put spear traps below you so you can kill the enemies that spawn and have a chance of dropping the key mold (1/2500 chance) of the biome that you wanted. Another way to farm key molds is to make an artificial meteorite and a small pool of honey near it. You will need turtle armor for this. Go into the honey, and just stay there while the meteor heads attack you! Depending on what biome you are in the meteors will drop different key molds. (Note: This farm is now obsolete, due to the removal of key molds in PC. If you are in console, great!)

Corruption Key Mold Farming

An effective way to farm the Corruption Key Mold can be to summon the Eater of Worlds, as each section has a chance to drop the item. (Also unusable in PC.)

Bait Farming

Flower Boots

Use flower boots to grow flowers and grasses, then keep destroying them as you go. Worms and grasshoppers usually spawn when a plant is destroyed so this makes a fast farming tool.

For the most efficient bait farm, grow jungle grass by planting seeds on mud then stand on it while wearing the flower boots, shoot a flare from a flare gun directly at the jungle grass, it will cause the grass to continuously break while the flower boots keep growing new ones, it will produce jungle critters until the flare runs out. Just keep swinging a bug net over the grass to catch the Sluggy, Grubby and rarely, Buggy that spawns.


Purchase sunflowers from the Dryad or from nature and place them. Butterflies are more likely to spawn and gather near sunflowers, so higher quality butterflies are more likely to spawn.

Staff of Regrowth

Use a Staff of Regrowth on a patch of dirt and destroy the grown vegetation, this is another fast and easy way to farm worms and grasshoppers aside from using the flower boots which are more efficient but rarer.