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Ectoplasm is a crafting material dropped from Dungeon Spirits, which spawn rarely from any mob that has 100 HP or more. This can only occur in Pwnhammer Icon.png (Hard Mode) Dungeon after Plantera has been defeated. Dungeon spirits drop 1-3 Ectoplasm.


Dungeon cage for Ectoplasm Farming.

A good way to farm for Dungeon Spirits is to build a cage in the center of two hallways. This allows a player to pool enemies underneath them, while still being able to see all around themselves. The cage helps fight Necromancers since they move after being hit once. It is advised to make sure you have a weapon that can move through walls (example: Death Sickle). Now it's simple. Just kill the enemies as they spawn and this should, safely, give you around 50 Ectoplasm per hour.


  • Meteor Heads cannot spawn a Dungeon Spirit even in the Dungeon, since only monsters with 100 HP or more can do it. Therefore, the meteorite farm is not a plausible option to farm Ectoplasm.
  • All tools made with Ectoplasm share a common feature, +3 range
  • To make all the of the Ectoplasm items, it would take 129 Ectoplasm. That includes the 5 per Pumpkin Moon Medallion.
  • If a powerful player spends a large amount of time in the Hard-Mode Dungeon, they could easily obtain a reasonable quantity of Ectoplasm.

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  • Added to the game.
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