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The Dune Splicer is a tunneling, worm-like hostile enemy, which appears in hardmode deserts. They might be quite dangerous to hardmode beginners, and because of this, it's not recommended to stay at underground desert for a long time if you are a hardmode beginner.


  • As with all burrowing enemies, it is immune to lava damage.
  • The Dune Splicer, as with other burrowing enemies, can only "jump" from a certain distance over the tile they emerge from.
  • It is the hardmode version of the Tomb Crawler. It also looks very similar to it's pre-Hard Mode counterpart as well.
  • The Dune Splicer moves faster than other burrowing enemies, and it stays in the air for a shorter time before burrowing again.
  • Dune Splicers are more active in Sand Storms. They come to the surface during this event.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.