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A Dart Trap is a block that takes on the appearance of a skull. It fires a dart that does about 10 damage and inflicts the Poisoned debuff. When found naturally, the dart trap will be fired using a Pressure Plate. After being removed, by using any pickaxe or drill, they may be wired to any other switch or mechanism. The Dart Trap will fire at a maximum of 1 dart every 3 seconds and only up to 2,700 feet. It can shoot through one block, if the block is adjacent to the Dart Trap.

When placing Dart Traps, they will fire in the direction your character is facing, similar to the manner in which doors operate. You can make a monster trap by wiring the dart trap to a timer or other sensory mechanism (such as a pressure plate or switch).


  • All Traps can still fire as normal when deactivated by an actuator.
  • Arrows fired from the trap will give the Frostburn debuff when the full Frost Armor is equipped.
  • Dart traps are actually able to do a critical strike. The chance of it doing this is unknown.

A Dart Trap inflicting the Frostburn debuff with Frost Armor equiped

Update Info


  • Max stack is now 999 instead of 250


  • Added to the game.