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Crafting is one of the main features of Terraria. It allows players to create items, weapons, tools and other Blocks.

Crafting Menu

The crafting menu shows a collective list of everything craft-able item and its ingredients. The menu is accessible from the inventory screen (default: Esc.) on the right below the inventory. Every character can craft every item, however, only items for which the character has all required ingredients will be displayed provided the associated crafting station is in range. The menu can be scrolled through with the scroll wheel or by selecting an item not currently highlighted. Alternatively, the "hammer and paper" button (Crafting Window) may be selected to view all items currently available to craft. When the desired item is chosen from here, it will revert back to the standard crafting selection with the selected item highlighted.


The highlighted item will show all the needed items to craft. Left clicking will produce one item while consuming the ingredients. Right clicking will do the same, but holding right click will continue to produce the item until a full stack is crafted or the ingredients are diminished. If the max stack of an item is 1, then holding right click will have no effect. Weapons and Accessories are crafted with random Prefixes.

Once an item is crafted it cannot be recycled for its original ingredients with the exception of Walls.


Main Article: Guide

The Guide Knows all crafting options. Talking to the guide and selecting "Crafting" will display a menu similar to the standard crafting menu. In this window, the player may place items into the empty blue box above the ingredients for which he wishes to see crafting options. The menu will then be populated with every possible item that can be crafted from the given placed item as well as the other ingredients needed for the highlighted item and the needed crafting station. When a player is finished searching all items, the placed item needs to be returned to an inventory or it will fall to the ground.

Crafting Stations

Basic Crafting Recipes

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Water Crafting Recipes

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Bookcase Crafting Recipes

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Cooking Pot Crafting Recipes

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Keg Crafting Recipes

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Loom Crafting Recipes

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Work Bench Crafting Recipes

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Sawmill Crafting Recipes

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Alchemy Station Crafting Recipes

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Furnace Crafting Recipes

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Iron/Lead Anvil Crafting Recipes

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Demon Altar Crafting Recipes

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Hellforge Crafting Recipes

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Mythril/Orcalium Anvil Crafting Recipes

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Adamantite Forge Crafting Recipes

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Tinkerer's Workshop Crafting Recipes

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Blend-O-Matic Crafting Recipes

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Meat Grinder Crafting Recipes

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Solidifier Crafting Recipes

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Dye Vat Crafting Recipes

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Imbuing Station Crafting Recipes

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Autohammer Crafting Recipes

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Honey Dispenser Crafting Recipes

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Console Version

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