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The Cobweb is a block with a gray/white texture that slows any players (not monsters) that collide with it to about 25% of normal speed. Cobwebs are found in all environments above and below ground. They are generally found in small clumps of 1-15 tiles, but it's also possible to find very large clusters of them. The easiest way to find them is to search underground until you find a cave filled with spiders, as these usually have over 100 cobwebs within, which rapidly grow back.

Cobwebs can be destroyed with any tool, if the player runs into them, or by coming into contact with Water or Lava.


  • Cobwebs end speed boosts and negate fall damage.
  • Cobwebs are found more commonly in the underground.
  • Cobwebs can spawn above ground and without an adjoining block.
  • Cobweb can take the weight of Sand, Silt and Slush.
  • Despite real-life cobwebs being home to spiders, Terraria cobwebs do not spawn any spider mobs.
  • New players should not throw this away, but collect them, as a Bed is an extremely useful item throughout the game.

Update Info




  • Breaks if player gets caught in it.


  • Fixed cobwebs not preventing fall damage.

PC release

  • Added to the game.