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The Clentaminator is a tool that has been added in the 1.2 update. By use of solutions sold by the Steampunker, it allows the player to replace any biome with The Corruption, The Crimson, The Hallow, The Purity, or in the case of the jungle (on Jungle Grass Blocks using Dark Blue Solution) Glowing Mushroom Biome. It has the same firing pattern as the Flamethrower, but has more range (60 tiles) and can fire through blocks.


Solution Price Vendor Blocks created
Green Solution 25 Silver Coin Steampunker

Converts blocks back to normal.

Converts Glowing Mushroom grass to Jungle grass

Red Solution 25 Silver Coin Steampunker Converts blocks to The Crimson
Purple Solution 25 Silver Coin Steampunker Converts blocks to The Corruption
Blue Solution 25 Silver Coin Steampunker Converts blocks to The Hallow
Dark Blue Solution 25 Silver Coin Truffle Converts Jungle blocks to Glowing Mushrooms


  • Clentaminator is portmanteau of clean (or cleanse) and contaminator.


  • The Clentaminator is affected by buffs to reduce ammo consumption such as those gained by the Ammo Box or Ammo Reservation Potions. You can pair these buffs with armors such as Shroomite Armor that give a reduced ammo consumption bonus, which will significantly extend the use of what ammo you have.
  • Since the Clentaminator has a range of 60 tiles, it is best to measure 110 tiles on the ground and make a 4-6 tile wide hellevator on both sides to be able to spray all of the blocks between the hellevators with little effort. Making a hellevator every 110 tiles will also prevent infectious blocks from spreading because of the gaps made by the hellevators.
    • Growth of thorny plants that could bridge the gap of hellevators can be prevented by placing rope through the whole height of the hellevator.
  • The blocks at the edges of the world past the ocean biomes can be hard to see because of the map's boundary. Making hellevators right beside the world's edges and clentaminating the area will help ensure that there are no infectious blocks hiding outside of the map.
  • It is worth saving up coins for the clentaminator before Hardmode, as the spread of corruption and crimson will start to spread immediately, and purification powder won't work forever.
  • After spraying an area with the Clentaminator, if blocks of corruption/crimson/hallow are left behind, they will spread to purified blocks even faster until it reaches the state it was in before you sprayed it. When attempting to purify an area, make sure you get all the blocks or else, much of that effort will go to waste.
  • Plantera's Bulbs will break when the jungle grass beneath it is converted into mushroom biome blocks when using the Dark Blue Solution.
  • Using the Clentaminator on a block containing a plant, in a way that makes that block invalid for said plant, will cause the plant to be "picked" (i.e. purifying Ebonstone with Deathweed on it).
  • Clentaminating mud blocks on the surface will convert them into dirt blocks to accommodate grass blocks when using Blue, Purple or Red Solution.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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