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The Clay Pot is an item that can be used as a decoration or it can be used to grow certain plants by placing a seed in the pot. If you place a Clay Pot without planting any seeds, it will naturally grow Flowers if it is placed above sea level. It can also be placed on solid surfaces and submerged in Lava and Water


  • Certain seeds such as the Jungle Grass Seeds, Mushroom Grass Seeds, Corrupt Seeds and Hallowed Seeds cannot be planted in Clay Pots.
  • To remove flowers or to harvest plants you will need to use a Pickaxe or Drill. However, be careful as these can also remove the Clay Pot itself.
  • Seeds can only be planted if there is one block of clear space above the Clay Pot.
  • To plant a seed in a pot, you need to plant the seed directly above the desired pot.
  • On the Console Version, there is a bug which causes the player to be unable to place clay pots.

Update Info

Clay pot flower.jpg


  • Seeds can be planted into Clay Pots.

PC release

  • Added to the game.