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The Chest is a piece of Furniture that can be placed and used for public storage. They can hold a maximum of 40 stacks of items at one time. You can collect empty Chests with a standard pickaxe, while Chests with any items in them are completely unbreakable. Chests can be placed on Wood Platforms. Chests can be found in most Biomes.


But be careful! If you are in Hard Mode, chests aren't always what you think they are. You might find a chest that is trying to kill you! (See Mimic)


  • Blocks beneath a chest cannot be mined; thus, the player also cannot collect chests by mining the blocks under them.
  • If placed on top of actuator blocks, and the blocks are turned off afterwards, they will not disappear as expected.
  • Chests can be seen when using a Spelunker Potion, making finding chests in caves very easy.
  • There are only three places Chests cannot spawn, in Lava, in mid-air and inside blocks.
  • Since characters keep their inventory through worlds, chests can be used to give new characters high level weapons or other objects.
  • Empty or not, a chest that is placed on sand or silt will prevent those blocks from falling until it is removed.
  • As of 1.0.1, The Barrel only takes 1 Iron Bar to craft, making it more cost effective to build than a Chest.
  • As of 1.2, the Chest requires a pickaxe instead of the previously required hammer. As of 1.2 it is also more profitable than the barrel, since it's double the size.
  • As of 1.2.3, you can rename a chest and easily find a specific chest by hovering over it.



  • If you place a chest on Ice spawned by the Ice Rod, place anything in it and leave and reenter the world, you can duplicate any Chest endlessly.
  • When swinging a 'Very Slow Speed' Sword like Fiery Greatsword and opening a Chest before the swing ends with autopause on you won't be able to obtain the first item in the Chest.
  • Chests with an item in them and the ground under them cannot be destroyed, but if a chest with an item is placed on an Active Stone Block, toggling the blocks will make it rain 3 - 5 chests (version 1.1.2). The chest will remain suspended in midair on an Inactive Stone Block; this is probably the only way to have a chest that you can't stand on. This bug was fixed in 1.2.
  • On Mobile, sometimes if armor is moved from a chest directly onto the player, the armor disappears completely. (Android v1.02)
  • On mobile, if you place a chest next to a door then open the door the chest will dupilcate into 2.
  • Sometimes chests may appear broken, if bombs thrown to chest will drop 2 chests. (Tested on mobile)

Update Info


  • Chests can now be renamed.


  • Capacity increased from 20 to 40, Ice, Water, Hallowed, Dungeon and Crimson Chest added.

PC release

  • Added to the game.

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