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Bottled Water is a common potion ingredient which is crafted from a Bottle while standing near a body of water. No special actions are necessary; simply be near the water, and open your Inventory to the crafting section.


  • Unlike a Bottle, Bottled Water cannot be placed as a decoration.
  • Bottled Water heals 20 HP instantly when used, but does not return the empty Bottle to your inventory.
  • When you use this item as a healing item, it will give you the debuff "Potion Sickness".
  • Crafting Bottled Water does not lower the water level like using a Bucket on water will. As such, any body of water can be used to create an unlimited number of this item.

Update Info


  • Bottled Water can now stack up to 999 instead of 30.


  • Bottled Water can no longer be crafted with Lava. Replaced Bottle in Fish Bowl crafting recipe.


  • Added to the game.