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OfficialChillAx OfficialChillAx 8 May 2015


This is how to make a Hoik. Plain and simple, you're going to need: A Hammer, some Wood, a Wood Platform and (Optional) some Rope and/or a Magic Mirror/Recall Potion in order to exit the Hoik

  • In order to create a Hoik you must first look deep inside yourself... go on... do it. Do you understand now? No? Ok, that's why I'm here to type out what you need to know.
  • A Hoik will be comprised of Wood (or any other block that can be altered by a Hammer), in a triangle, facing either Right/Down, Right/Up or Left/Down. If you don't understand what I mean look at this photo:

Understand now? At least a little? Ok, great.

In order to make a Hoik you will need to take the Wood Platform and place it right before the first wood piece like in the picture to th…

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Vazilin Vazilin 4 January 2015

Fully automatic Plantera farm (AFK Farm)

Hello everyone.

Today i want to present to you my fully automatic Plantera farm. Farm summons the Plantera, kills her and picks up the loot without any key inputs.

Even tho the post itself doesn`t provide a lot of usefull information, i still recommend to read it before watching the video.


Usually, people upload the blueprints or at least an overview picture of farm with wiring. But my farm is so huge, that even 20 pictures merged together won`t cover the farm, let alone the whole wiring. My farm is not complex or anything like that - it`s just big.

That`s why i made a miniature model of my farm, so you can see all the wiring. The placement of some sections and scaling is different from the original, but process is absolutely the same.

I di…

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Freenight Freenight 5 August 2014

Wiring Guide: Rapid Fire Traps

Hello Terrarians. This guide is in commemoration of my 1000th edit. What this guide will teach you is how to setup rapid-firing traps. This can be used either in arena preparation or if you want to challenge yourself by fighting bosses using only traps.

  • Wires(plenty of them)
  • At least 2 types of Wrenches
  • Wire Cutter
  • Traps(Obviously)
  • Actuators
  • Bird Statue
  • Switch or Lever
  • 1 Second Timers

Let's start by setting up the traps.

For the purpose of this guide, I will use Super Dart Traps. This setup may be used for any type of traps though.

  • Place down the traps as shown.
  • Put actuators on all of them, and wire them up.
  • Link them to a switch or a lever, preferably on top of the traps.
  • Trigger the switch. The traps should now have a darker look, and you can go thro…

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652Graystripe 652Graystripe 7 July 2014

Weapon Tutorials - Rainbow Gun

Hello folks! This is another weapon tutorial blog, but this time, we'll be letting a guest speaker - one who has proven he can use the Rainbow Gun in PvP - take the reins! I'd like to welcome Hunited, accomplished ranger/mage and PvPer!

SilverHexxitFights: So, how do you get the Rainbow Gun?

Hunited: You get the Rainbow Gun by beating Plantera, which has a 100% chance to drop a Temple Key. This Temple Key can be crafted into a Hallowed Key with 5 Souls of Sight, Fright and Might, and a Hallowed Key Mold, which can be acquired by defeating any monster in the Hallow. The Key Mold has a drop chance of 1/2500, so it is quite rare. Once you have the Hallowed Key you should delve into the Dungeon, where you can find a Hallowed Chest. Opening the H…

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Hammerdust Hammerdust 10 May 2014

How To Get Rid Of Corruption & Crimson

Corruption/crimson biomes are dangerous biomes that spread though other biomes. There are a couple ways to prevent or slow the corrupion/crimson from spreading. First if you in a non hardcore world you could try building a wall out a material that is not affected by the corruption/crimson. Stone, dirt and sand will not work so try wood. Purifaction powder works good and is bought from the dyrad, but however does not actually remove the biome. Once your in hardcore and have beaten one mechanical boss the steampunker should move in. The steampunker will sell a item called a Clentaminator . And depended on the biome your in solutions can be sold to purify or make a biome in a certain area. This covers a much larger area than the purifaction p…

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TerrariamcSwaggins TerrariamcSwaggins 4 March 2014

Tutorial - Guide for Wiki Newbies, How to Make a Poll Blog Post

Hey guys, just thought I'd release this quick Tutorial due to the Polless Blogs I've been seeing lately.

Its quite simple, all you need is to type a small code down in Source mode. Here it is.

Let me know in the comments if this was helpful or not, thanks.

And if you need help with anything else, feel free to contact me at my Talkpage.

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Latias1290 Latias1290 19 February 2014

A Pokemons guide to wiring - Applications - Passcode

Hey everyone. In this part of A Pokemon's Guide To Wiring, Im going to show you one practical application with wiring. This time, it is a passcoded trigger.

This is what it end result looks like(you should also build it like that):

Note that I forgot something important: You must include room for a gate if you want to make something like a secure room or vault. It may seem daunting at first, and it will for a while, but Im gonna walk you through it.

These are basically stacked Memory circuits with a numerical input.

You need to stack the memory circuits in a way that they are compact, but if you are making something like a (big) vault to store your stuff you dont really need to make it that compact.

For example, the passcode here is a 2 number …

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Latias1290 Latias1290 19 February 2014

A Pokemon's guide to wiring - Memory circuits

Hay everyone. I have been fooling around with wire for a long time(I built a vault once, if anyone wants to see it then send me a talk message), and came up with this simple memory circuit.

EDIT: You need green pressure plates. Sorry!

It relies on a bunny statue, wiring(of course), active stone blocks, green pressure plates and dart traps(and a building material of your choice).

Color key:

  • Red: Input.
  • Blue: Output if true.
  • Green: Output if false.

The upper red cable is used to set the value. This is always toggling, I cant make it so that you can explicitly set it to true or false(actually, you can, but that means ignoring one output, or more complicated stuff that I can explain some other time).

The blue cable will trigger if the output is true, …

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Neosamr Neosamr 17 February 2014

WoF Tips and Tricks!!!

Here is a very short guide on how to kill the wall of flesh without glitching! 100% Legit!!!

[I am on Console so this guide might not help PC]


  • 2 Stage 1.5 [PREPERATION PART 2]
  • 4 Stage 3 [THE BRIDGE]
  • 5 Stage 4 [THE FIGHT]

First you need to dig a hellivator and reach hell, once you are in hell look for a hell forge and break the blocks under it so you can collect it also collect the fire blossom thingys and collect lots of obsidian thenmake your way back to the overworld (By now you should have about 50 Fireblossoms and around 200-300 Obsidian) When you get back make 50 Obsidian skin potions and save the rest of your ob…

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KickMeElmo KickMeElmo 9 November 2013

Pumpkin Moons - Arena building and Ranger strategy

  • 1 Preparation
  • 2 Group Suggestions
  • 3 Strategy
  • 4 Build Tips
  • 5 Notes
  • 6 Gallery


  • Shroomite Helmet (rocket, equipped), Shroomite Mask (bullet, in inventory)
  • Shroomite Breastplate
  • Shroomite Leggings


  • Sniper Scope (damage/crit mostly, generally the zoom is unnecessary here) or Ranger Emblem (-only- if you don't have the scope available)
  • Destroyer Emblem (boosts damage and crit on ALL weapons, not just ranged) or Charm of Myths (only if survival becomes an issue)
  • Master Ninja Gear for kiting/damage dodging (Tabi would work as well, though without the damage dodging) or Moon Shell/Moon Charm for werewolf's increased regen/stats
  • Ankh Shield (There's never a good reason to remove this if you have it. If you don't, get it.)
  • Hoverboard (My preferred wings…

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