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The Bed is an item craftable at a Sawmill. To craft one, you need 5 Silk (7 Cobwebs for 1, 35 for all 5) and 15 Wood. The Bed allows you to set your spawn point wherever the bed is placed. To do so your cursor must have the bed icon when you mouse over it. Your spawn point will be reset if the bed is destroyed, or if you click on it again after it sets your spawn point. You can also sleep in the bed as of Journeys End update. The mouse cursor will show "zzz" and when clicked the character will lie in bed and close their eyes, unless there is a blood moon. Additionally, when all players are asleep the backround clouds will move faster and time speeds up. This effect is nullified when an event (Blood Moon, Solar Eclipse, Goblin Army, etc.) is in progress.

For a Bed to function properly and allow you to set your spawn point, certain criteria must be met similar to room requirements for spawning NPCs:

  • The Bed must have enough space. A 7-block wide and 5-block high (interior) room is minimum, as such a 9-by-7 box overall is required. For ease of placement, this is the full lateral reach of a player, with the maximum vertical reach.
  • The room's exterior walls must be crafted from material other than Dirt, such as Wood, Stone Blocks, Bricks, or Glass (even Wood Platforms will work, although this offers no protection from monsters).
  • A Wall must also be placed. Any wall will work as long as it had been placed there by the player rather than occurring there naturally.
  • If the requirements are met, right clicking the bed should set your spawn and show the message "Spawn point set!"

List of Beds


  • Beds fulfill the 'Comfort Item' requirement for NPC housing.

Update Info


  • Beds can be interacted with and slept in.


  • More new beds added.


  • Beds now have several varieties based on what type of wood you use to craft it, and there are different beds for every dungeon as well.


  • Now crafted at Sawmill instead of Workbench.

PC release

  • Added to the game.