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This article is about the PC monster. For the console variant, see Albino Antlion.

The Antlion is one of the three types of monsters found in the desert, the others being the Vulture and, in Hardmode, the Mummy (not counting desert variants such as the Corrupt Desert). It is also possible for Antlions to spawn in any area of sand that is not a desert biome, for instance, they may spawn in the Ocean, above the sea but still on sand.

If the player does not have a ranged weapon, a good tactic for versing these mobs is to wait for it to shoot, charge at it with a Melee weapon, and continuously hit it from opposite sides. Another good way to fight it is to dig a ditch beside it until half its body is visible and shoot at its side from below and to the side, as the Antlion will only shoot upwards.

There is a one in seven chance that an Antlion will drop an Antlion Mandible, which is used in making the Sandgun, crafted with 5 Topaz, 1 Illegal Gun Parts, and 10 Antlion Mandibles.

The Sand Blocks around the Antlion can be removed without hurting it. However, it must always have at least one column of two sand blocks. If one of the sand blocks is removed, the Antlion sinks down a layer. If a block is added on top of the column, the Antlion moves up a layer.

It is possible for the Antlion to survive on different types of blocks other than sand. This can be done by removing the sand that the Antlion is sitting in and making it move down onto a different block. The Antlion will act as if nothing is different and will still launch sand at you. If the sand is dodged, it will land on the ground as normal. Also, it is possible for the Antlion to spawn at only one block of sand placed on dirt, although he won't be able to attack.

Attack Pattern

The Antlion shoots non-magical projectiles at the player. They remain stationary with their head sticking out of the sand, and will shoot sand at the player until they are out of range, or dead. They can also move up sand if they are near a wall made of sand.


  • The Antlion's unique projectile can also be made useful for a sand farm as they shoot sand with out picking any up.
  • They are the only way to naturally generate sand, as they spit out sand without taking away blocks.
  • Antlions can be farmed by finding a large desert and making it flat. The player then runs back and forth across the desert from side to side until they find them. This is useful for getting money and Mandibles to make a Sandgun.
  • The player can farm sand from them by building an (at least) 4 block high tower with 2 blocks on top. By standing on top of the tower, the Antlion will shoot sand at the tower, creating a clump of sand on the side.
  • There is a bug where Antlions are sometimes spawned completely under the sand. (1.0.5 only)
  • It is very rare, but it is possible for Antlions to climb on large sand structures.
  • The Antlion is an insect resembling a dragonfly with predatory larvae that construct conical (conical means 'shaped like a cone') pits into which insect prey, especially ants, fall into. This antlion represents antlion larvae.


Update Info


  • Can now drop up to 2 Antlion Mandibles.
  • Updated Sprite.
  • New sound effects.


  • Chance of dropping an Antlion Mandible increased from 10% to 14.29%.
  • Ranged attack lowered from 20 to 10.


  • Added to the game.
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