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Ale is a beverage/potion made at a Keg with 1 Mug. Inflicts Tipsy, increasing melee abilities, lowering defense by 2% and lasting for 2 minutes. After drinking the ale, the mug used to craft it is not given back.

Once a mug has been crafted into Ale, it cannot be used as a decoration.



  • Ale is best used against monsters with high health, but low attack.
  • Due to the defense loss suffered on consumption, Ale is not good to drink while battling a boss. Although, using an Ironskin Potion can be a good way to counter the defense decrease.
  • Despite the fact that it's considered a "buff" potion, once drunk the icon cannot be removed by right-clicking. Considering that, it may be classified as a "debuff."
  • Getting healed by the Nurse will remove the effects, further indicating debuff nature.

Update Info



  • Became an ingredient in Molotov Cocktail.


  • Added to the game.