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A 1 Second Timer is a timer that activates connected devices automatically, with a one second cool down. To use it, connect it and the desired device with Wires, and right click the timer, activating it. The timer will then function as specified.



  • The 1 Second Timer will not override the cool down period of the connected device. For example, if you connect a 1 second timer to a Dart Trap, the trap will still fire only once every three seconds. In these cases it is usually more efficient to use a lower tier timer, such as the 3 Second Timer.
  • The 1 Second Timer must be placed on top of a solid block.
  • The timer itself can be wired to a different switch, which can be used to activate the timer, which will activate the connected device. A timer can even be wired to another timer, which will cause the timers to automatically turn themselves on and off.
  • If you are using Statues, Spawning monsters will only spawn 3 at a time. You have to wait 8 or more seconds to spawn another 3. If you want more from the statue set up more and link them to the same timer
  • Icon mobile.png The Mechanic sells the 1 Second Timer for 50 copper on the Mobile Version, since the Gold Watch cannot be crafted.

Update Info


  • Does not require iron bars anymore.


  • Added to the game.

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